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Eroica 15-18: the route and its history

Let’s go on with our journey to the discovery of Eroica 15-18 Marathon.

Today we are going to find out more about the history and the most representative places of the upcoming marathon of 18 march 2018.

Here we’d like to enhance the historical relevance, as well as the artistic beauty, of monuments, buildings and events  which left a mark, but also enriched, these wonderful places.

Retrovie austroungariche in Piazza Flaminio

Eroica15-18 Marathon has a thematic route throughout the province of treviso, central to various events occurred during WWI. The start and the arrival of the marathon will be in vittorio veneto, where the last battle – the one battle which ended the war in october 2018- took place.

Castelbrando, Cison di Valmarino

The city-route runs through ceneda, meschio and serravalle: here three military hospitals were builted after the defeat of caporetto. The route will reach “Loggia del cenedese”, where the museo della battaglia (battle’s museum) is located, as well as numerous historical palaces (Villa Costantini, Villa Croze, Villa Grunwald, Villa Papadopoli, Castello di Serravalle, Palazzo Lucheschi-Czarnocki, Palazzo Minucci De Carlo) where, during the Occupation in October 1917, the head of the VI Austro-Hungarian Army was located.

Once Serravalle is left behind, the route follows the Austro-Hungarian rears, beside the reduced track raid which transported ammunitions from Vittorio Veneto to Pieve di Soligo and the mount Montello. It unites within the valley of Revine’s and Lago’s lakes reaching Tovena, strategic communication point between the rears of mount Grappa and the ones along the river Piave. In only 100 days the Austrian Pioneers built a road open to vehicles, twisting and turning for 5 turns overlapping in a gallery – a great work of engineering!

The route of Eroica 15-18 Marathon runs along Aerocamp Flik 52, in Tovena, and goes further towards Mura and Cison di Valmarino, where the castle of Counts Brandolini d’Adda strongly dominates the Valsana, beautifully surrounded by the historical hamlet of Cison. Castelbrando was a residence for Officials and a shelter for those injured arriving straight from the front.


La strada dei 100 Giorni, Tovena

The route then enters Valmareno, the city in which the 56th Fucilieri camped. It will then reach Follina and its wonderful St. Mary’s Abbey: this monument was hit by some cannon’s bullets, which destroyed the roof and also part of the east side of the curch. The refectory (XIII century) was demolished in order to get some wood out of  it. Another relevant building in Follina is the Feldspital 1505, theAustrian military hospital set up in the ex-woolen mill “Andretta”.

Leaving the city-centre the route in Follina coasts the Austro-Hungarian Memorial, built in November 1917 during the Austrian occupation of the valley. Today,  more than 800 soldiers from Austria, Ungheria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Ucraine and Italy rest in this military hospital.


Eroica 15-18 Marathon’s return is kept at heights along the moraine ridge connecting the peculiar localities of Zuel di Quà, Zuel di Là, Reseretta, Resera e Tarzo, with various panoramic views on the valley of Valsana, its lake and its ups and downs. It then gently descend through Colmaggiore, Revine, Longhere and Serravalle, and reaches Piazza del Popolo, in Vittorio Veneto. The arrival will face directly the Monumento ai Caduti, the bronze war memorial made by Augusto Murer.


Eroica 15-18 is a unique event especially because it recalls the 100 anniversary of victory of the WWI. A unique event for the History, Art and Culture it wants to celebrate. In order not to forget, to look beyond “Victory” and find once again the value of Peace.

And the History goes on… keep updated at !

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