Be Your Hero



There are moments of the day in which everything seems to be difficult, as if the whole world was against you. But then an instant is enough, you look upwards and start feeling that smell of a freshly mown lawn and your mind flies back to your last run in the forest.


You remember each and every part of the preparation: the right shoe lace a little loose, you check the sole, lock the car, leave behind all your daily thoughts and become your own hero.


It doesn’t matter what your timer tells you – time doesn’t really matter when you are so free. No mobile phone, no boss, just nothing. Only your heart starting to beat a little faster, your legs starting to burn and that’s enough: you dive in your dream.


The act of running gifts you with a dream. The dream to get rid of materiality, to detach from the soil; The dream of lightness, the possibility to fly and overcome any obstacle. At that point, you are not alone – you are with your own Hero, which is you. You know, but you feel like having a completely new body. Sure, you feel the knee cracking a little bit, you’re almost out of breath. You feel your muscles exhausted, but the more you feel tired, the faster you imagine yourself to be.


Run Eroica 15-18 with us: whether through the Marathon, which follows the paths covered by  those men of ancient values, who gave their own heart and body to protect their motherland or the Maratonina, with its smooth and quick path, bring your Hero and free your dreams!  #BeyourHero 


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