Eroica 15-18: the route and its history


Let’s go on with our journey to the discovery of Eroica 15-18 Marathon.

Today we are going to find out more about the history and the most representative places of the upcoming marathon of 18 march 2018.

Here we’d like to enhance the historical relevance, as well as the artistic beauty, of monuments, buildings and events  which left a mark, but also enriched, these wonderful places.

Retrovie austroungariche in Piazza Flaminio

Eroica15-18 Marathon has a thematic route throughout the province of treviso, central to various events occurred during WWI. The start and the arrival of the marathon will be in vittorio veneto, where the last battle – the one battle which ended the war in october 2018- took place.

Castelbrando, Cison di Valmarino

The city-route runs through ceneda, meschio and serravalle: here three military hospitals were builted after the defeat of caporetto. The route will reach “Loggia del cenedese”, where the museo della battaglia (battle’s museum) is located, as well as numerous historical palaces (Villa Costantini, Villa Croze, Villa Grunwald, Villa Papadopoli, Castello di Serravalle, Palazzo Lucheschi-Czarnocki, Palazzo Minucci De Carlo) where, during the Occupation in October 1917, the head of the VI Austro-Hungarian Army was located.

Once Serravalle is left behind, the route follows the Austro-Hungarian rears, beside the reduced track raid which transported ammunitions from Vittorio Veneto to Pieve di Soligo and the mount Montello. It unites within the valley of Revine’s and Lago’s lakes reaching Tovena, strategic communication point between the rears of mount Grappa and the ones along the river Piave. In only 100 days the Austrian Pioneers built a road open to vehicles, twisting and turning for 5 turns overlapping in a gallery – a great work of engineering!

The route of Eroica 15-18 Marathon runs along Aerocamp Flik 52, in Tovena, and goes further towards Mura and Cison di Valmarino, where the castle of Counts Brandolini d’Adda strongly dominates the Valsana, beautifully surrounded by the historical hamlet of Cison. Castelbrando was a residence for Officials and a shelter for those injured arriving straight from the front.


La strada dei 100 Giorni, Tovena

The route then enters Valmareno, the city in which the 56th Fucilieri camped. It will then reach Follina and its wonderful St. Mary’s Abbey: this monument was hit by some cannon’s bullets, which destroyed the roof and also part of the east side of the curch. The refectory (XIII century) was demolished in order to get some wood out of  it. Another relevant building in Follina is the Feldspital 1505, theAustrian military hospital set up in the ex-woolen mill “Andretta”.

Leaving the city-centre the route in Follina coasts the Austro-Hungarian Memorial, built in November 1917 during the Austrian occupation of the valley. Today,  more than 800 soldiers from Austria, Ungheria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Ucraine and Italy rest in this military hospital.


Eroica 15-18 Marathon’s return is kept at heights along the moraine ridge connecting the peculiar localities of Zuel di Quà, Zuel di Là, Reseretta, Resera e Tarzo, with various panoramic views on the valley of Valsana, its lake and its ups and downs. It then gently descend through Colmaggiore, Revine, Longhere and Serravalle, and reaches Piazza del Popolo, in Vittorio Veneto. The arrival will face directly the Monumento ai Caduti, the bronze war memorial made by Augusto Murer.


Eroica 15-18 is a unique event especially because it recalls the 100 anniversary of victory of the WWI. A unique event for the History, Art and Culture it wants to celebrate. In order not to forget, to look beyond “Victory” and find once again the value of Peace.

And the History goes on… keep updated at !

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Eroica 15-18 and the Prosecco’s lands: the pleasure of sport and wine


On the 18th March 2018, in Vittorio Veneto, we will run Eroica 15 – 18, one of the best marathons within Italy. Although the start and the arrival of the marathon are going to be in Vittorio Veneto, Eroica 15-18 is going to pass through the municipalities of Revine Lago, Cison di Valmarino, Follina and Tarzo; Together with all its participants, thus, it is going to run throughout the Prosecco’s birthplaces.

Beautiful villages with wonderful landscapes, with an ancient and developed agricultural, touristic, food and wine tradition. In the last period these lands acquired a new merit: having applied in April 2107 and having then been attentively evaluated by Aces Europe, Vittorio Veneto together with 37 other municipalities of the “Terre del Prosecco” (“lands of Prosecco”) became  “European Community of Sport” 2018.
The nomination awarded was spread with a great satisfaction by the whole administrative sections of the municipalities adhering to the project. Such an award for 38 municipalities between the provinces of Treviso and Pordenone is the result of an important work of collaboration, brought about with strong resolution.  Prosecco_eroica15-18

The 38 municipalities have a common purpose: that of promoting sports and tourism in their area. Every year, in Europe, a European “Capital of Sport” is designated: in 2018 it is going to be Sofia, in Bulgaria. Each state might have at most two “Communities of Sport”.

The project was financed by important sponsors as “Consorzio Tutela del Vino Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG” and “Consorzio di Tutela Denominazione di Origine Controllata Prosecco”.

Prosecco is, in fact, a wordly  renown symbol of those lands and, in the last 20 years, it gave an influential push to the Italian economic growth. In particular, the two sponsors helped in promoting a sustainable growth together with enriching international sport-tourism.


It is the first time for this wide territory in Italy to reach such a remarkable result! 2 Regions, 2 Provinces, 38 municipalities and almost 300 thousands inhabitants brought together by  shared traditions and a common culture, as well as by a sportsmanship which is mostly developed and sustained by voluntary work.


Indeed, the precious presence of sportive associations is a prominent feature of the dossier: they believe in and spread fundamental values such as sharing, solidarity, a healthy life-style, sport as “school of life”, the idea of an “other” as oneself, teamwork and passion.


The title of “Community of Sport” will surely benefit the sportive activities,  thus strengthening the promotion of all those values.


From these strong base arouse the collaboration between the 4 sportive associations in Vittorio Veneto, which gave birth to Eroica 15-18:Scuola di Maratona, Atletica Vittorio Veneto, Libertas Vittorio Veneto and Nuova Atletica San Giacomo.

A journey together, a journey through History; a Journey with people and sport! Come visit us at!

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Think, walk, run: health is for everybody, none excluded!

Marcia per la salute 2017

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano, the ancients believed.  Movement as a whole – be it a simple walk, some jogging – helps to keep a fit, active and healthy body. However everyday routine, which comes with its challenges, appointments and duties to fulfil, consumes most of our mental and physical energies. It does not take much, though, to overcome that strong will to sink into the sofa, open the fridge and devour everything inside it, as only the epic Attila could do!

Stop for a while and listen to yourself. Leave behind all the negative thoughts and follow your breath, try to feel the beat of your heart… this small gesture, if done for some minutes, will make you feel more relaxed: you will find the outburst to…wear a pair of comfortable shoes and just run outside! Some do it only when the temperature is fine and the sun is shining, others like to play with puddles under the rain and some others feel invincible while running against the wind.

Speaking to yourself is the main secret: while practicing –  while walking, while your speed grows – you are developing an increased awareness and a kind of balance with your own efforts. You find mantras, sentences, songs’ choruses that you love – they automatically start playing in your head, and give you the chance to expand Time, to enjoy your run and feel more at ease with it.

Marcia per la salute
Pic by Annie Spratt

The fact that you walk, jog or run with other people makes it even nicer: involving a colleague, an old friend or, why not, your sister, you’ll find out what helping each other and sharing the happiness of a run means. Running with others, you’ll also find out that you are indeed capable of surviving that exact climb you usually perceive as the hardest challenge of all!

Eroica 15-18, beside the great challenges of the Marathon and Half Marathon, brings about a whole year filled with sportive events steadily built to follow De Coubertein’ spirit.
The “Marcia per la Salute (March for Health), organized by the sportive association Madruk and taking place next 15th of October in Cappella Maggiore, will be a wonderful occasion for a get together, for meeting a lot of new people and for walking the small country-side’s paths on the hills of the Treviso province. A wonderful chance to share experiences, emotions, some kilometres and Life.

The aim is that of sensitizing people towards physical activity and sport, which should be seen as fun and as a means of prevention against chronic diseases.

It will be the perfect chance for families to spend some time together, and for sport-lovers to meet up and spend a nice Sunday outside, taking care of the environment surrounding us: WE ARE GONNA BE THERE! WHAT ABOUT YOU?


Marcia per la Salute 2017

The “Marcia per la Salute” will also be a march against violence on women, and will support the CAV (Anti-Violence Centre). For all the news, click directly on the link.

Come running with us, let’s enjoy this together!

We are waiting for you on the 15th of October, in Cappella Maggiore, at “Area 1° Maggio”.

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Be Your Hero



There are moments of the day in which everything seems to be difficult, as if the whole world was against you. But then an instant is enough, you look upwards and start feeling that smell of a freshly mown lawn and your mind flies back to your last run in the forest.


You remember each and every part of the preparation: the right shoe lace a little loose, you check the sole, lock the car, leave behind all your daily thoughts and become your own hero.


It doesn’t matter what your timer tells you – time doesn’t really matter when you are so free. No mobile phone, no boss, just nothing. Only your heart starting to beat a little faster, your legs starting to burn and that’s enough: you dive in your dream.


The act of running gifts you with a dream. The dream to get rid of materiality, to detach from the soil; The dream of lightness, the possibility to fly and overcome any obstacle. At that point, you are not alone – you are with your own Hero, which is you. You know, but you feel like having a completely new body. Sure, you feel the knee cracking a little bit, you’re almost out of breath. You feel your muscles exhausted, but the more you feel tired, the faster you imagine yourself to be.


Run Eroica 15-18 with us: whether through the Marathon, which follows the paths covered by  those men of ancient values, who gave their own heart and body to protect their motherland or the Maratonina, with its smooth and quick path, bring your Hero and free your dreams!  #BeyourHero 


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Be Strong

Running is not just a sport, it is a way  to overcome challenges.


If you look at people, you’ll immediately recognize those who run: they are always ready to put their sport shoes on, and even on holiday their running outfit occupies half of the luggage. Running is a sport that crawls down inside you: not just as a simple sport, but as a constant attitude to personal improvement.

Running means learning how to overcome your own limits, how to fight your own fears. This is what makes running not as easy as it may seem. You must literally learn how to run, listen to your body and understand it. You must be focused, determined and persistent. The more results you achieve, the better you will face personal challenges:  your athletic achievements are paired by achievements in your life! The more constant you are in running, the more constant your life will turn out to be; the more perseverance you put in reaching your goals while running, the more perseverant you will see yourself – on your workplace, for instance.

Running is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle.


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Tell us your story



Every run, training, race, challenge is an event, full of details, sensations, emotions, sometimes pain, some others satisfactions.

I will never forget the feeling of bewilderment, when I saw the starting line during my first Italian Championship of cross-country run. I was 16, and I found myself closed up in a wooden cage, together with my run-mates and 180 other participants: I had never seen such a huge “start”…that big space around us took my breath away!

The best came with the starting gunshot: when the ground under our feet began to tremble due to the hammering of two hundreds youngsters trying to reach the best spot in order to get well to the first curve – everybody, of course, wanted to reach it first!

Space, speed and noise – a deafening noise of legs letting off all their strength onto the ground.

I will never forget the immense satisfaction when I reached the end of my first Marathon: my young son –  a little more than one year old- while applauding me, his tired and exhausted father who, although taking part of a mere “province Marathon”, felt emotional and gratified as if he had run the New York Marathon.

Which is, then, you Runs’ History?

Tell us about your adventures, emotions and experiences enjoyed with friends or by yourself.
Tell us about that magical training, when you were able to surprise yourself and get over some limits you’d never even thought of reaching.  Or else, tell us about what running means to you – whether in a race track, a cross-country, or a Marathon.

Your running stories are extremely important to us from Eroica15-18!

Tell us about it with the hashtag #tellusyourstory: the nicest will be published on our blog!


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Be An Hero




“Hold on, what? What would you want to do, running?” “Sure, what’s strange about it? Just put your leggings on, go out and simply run!”


“I want to run a marathon!”

People thought you were too weak, unable to bear such a stress – but you never believed in those clichés.

You had found a way of training yourself without being noticed: in the forests around Boston, you got yourself loose and enjoyed one of the best ways to express one’s own self, running free into the nature.


The marathon, though, was the challenge: too strong of a call coming from those 26.2 miles, and such a tenacity against the refusal  of the Boston Marathon’s organizers, who answered you that the competition was only addressed to men.


You jumped on a bus and, after 4 days of traveling, you reached Boston, hid behind some bushes and then…START!


You ran with your brother’s shoes on, but nonetheless you passed the Heart Break Hill. With bleeding feet you reached the arrival in 3 hours and 21 minutes.


You opened up a new Path, and ran to get much more than a mere personal goal: you ran to change people’s mind set!


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